Woodruff High School


Woodruff High School

Footsteps to the Future

Having acquired the skills to learn at WPS, developed the skills to achieve success at WES, and blended the curricular with the co-curricular at WMS, students at Woodruff High School focus on their futures by expanding the sound academic foundation through a comprehensive curriculum of career and technology courses, Advanced Placement courses, diploma requirements, and electives. Students in grades 9 through 12 are able to design a flexible program to meet their individual and future needs. Upon receiving his Woodruff High School diploma, each student has earned his license to continue learning throughout his life.

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District 4 has just over 2900 students, and is comprised of four schools, enabling students to be classmates from kindergarten through high school. The small size of the school district allows teachers and administrators to know students by name and communicate with them on a personal level.