Woodruff Primary School


Woodruff Primary School

Footsteps to Learning

Giving young children the best possible start as early as possible is the best formula for success. Woodruff Primary School creates an environment where its “little people,” as their students are affectionately called, learn to learn. WPS, though its Family Literacy Program, serves individuals from 6 weeks of age through adulthood. However, the nucleus of the school population is children from 3K through 2nd grade. A half-day 3K Child Development Program is offered to eligible students in the mornings and afternoons. Because of the importance of every child reaching his full potential, universal 4K is available to every 4-year-old in District 4. Capitalizing on this solid foundation, students are able to maximize their achievement potential in kindergarten and subsequently first and second grade.

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District 4 has just over 2900 students, and is comprised of four schools, enabling students to be classmates from kindergarten through high school. The small size of the school district allows teachers and administrators to know students by name and communicate with them on a personal level.